The time for small ideas is over

Together we guarantee fair chances for the people in NRW — sustainable, transparent and always with individual freedom in mind.

What's important to us

Investing in the future of our children

Nothing is more important to us than fair opportunities for all as they make their way through life. That is why we want to make education the most important issue of a new government and bring about real change for more justice.

Fair wages, good work, affordable housing

Many essentials are becoming scarce in our country, whether it is good care or affordable housing. We want to chart a new course, towards a NRW where everyone can live in dignity.

A healthy climate and new prosperity

Freedom is always linked to responsibility. For the next generation, a healthy planet must go hand in hand today with a strong economy that enables prosperity for all.

Support us!

Tired of stagnation and governing by habit? Make a difference and help create a more sustainable, freer and fairer NRW.

Wanted: Election campaign helpers

We need lots of helping hands for the election campaign. Do you want to be part of a colourful and motivated team that brings freedom and fairness to the Landtag? Then join us!

Your donation makes democracy possible

In the state elections, we are facing parties with budgets in the millions. We can only keep up if the people who share our vision of a fair NRW contribute.

Meet our board

What if we dared together to rethink fundamentally what our politics is and what it should be? Instead of stopping people, we can enable them to live a self-determined, free life. That is our goal.


Anti-Semitism: No!; Right of assembly: Yes!

As the war in the Middle East has flared up, there have been large demonstrations focussing on this issue. The images from Essen, in which pro-Palestinian demonstrators chanted anti-Semitic slogans and openly waved flags of the terrorist Islamic State, are certainly still fresh in everyone's mind...

LD NRW elect new state executive board

At our state party conference on 27 August 2023 2023, we Liberale Demokraten NRW gave ourselves a new state executive committee. It is composed of Simon Kleinlützum, Chairman, Wuppertal Julian Oster, Deputy Chairman, Mönchengladbach Niklas Öwermann, Treasurer, Minden

NRW State Election: The First Step Has Been Taken

The state election in NRW was a bombshell in several directions. The historically low voter turnout of just 55.5 % deserves special mention. We are convinced that this was the result of an election campaign in which two governments of the recent past have primarily been...